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Enlightenment is a large part of my daily awareness. I have had many enlightenments, some small, some huge, some in between, some so obvious I was intoxicated and blasting with energy, some so subtle neither I nor the others around me noticed it for a while.

Nothing satisfies like the Truth. Nothing satisfies like the Truth, not sex, not chocolate, not ecstatic dance and ritual, not divine play (all very close seconds in my world). Nothing else will do, once our consciousness tastes of It.

When I say the Truth, I mean Love, God, Self, or whatever the word one puts on this essential knowingness that surpasses all understanding and expression. I sometimes call it the Bliss-that-is-not-bliss, or the Ecstasy-that-is-not-ecstasy. There are no words to convey this, and yet attempting to express it in words is more satisfying than not.

So here goes; this post and the ones that will inevitably follow will be my attempt to express the inexpressible, to transmit the Truth as I am conscious of It and hopefully get it across somewhat. Please feel free to comment, especially with regard to whether you understand what I am saying, whether you get it or not. Any requests for clarification will be sincerely contemplated and responded to.

For me, to be in direct knowing of who and what I am, which is Love Unconditional, Divine Presence, no different from another in that regard, is to progress most satisfactorily in my spiritual unfoldment. I can do this by standing in my truth and speaking it as I know it in the moment, without doing any harm to any other. This is a practice in daily life that I have simply found myself engaged in, by virtue of my awareness of my intention to do no harm.

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