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Enneagram confessions

It is time for me to come out of the closet as a master of the Enneagram. I have been using this ancient and sacred tool as an esoteric aspect of my spiritual unfoldment since 1975. I have been teaching about it secretly to a select few for many years. I gave a workshop 20 years ago that is still viable today, according to one of my students, who also attended that particular workshop.

I will be posting some things here from time to time about the Enneagram. I understand this is not of interest to everybody, in fact probably most folks won’t want to pay attention to it, but that’s the beauty of a blog! With the posts in categories (see list at right) it is easy to ignore the ones that aren’t of interest while easily accessing those that are. I also try to announce the topic of each post at its beginning of the post.

The study of the Enneagram takes years, and much focus on that way of understanding things. For me it is something of an obsession, as it is for me, truly and creatively, a potent and practical tool, not only in its own right, but also as it integrates with other schools of thought and spirituality that I enjoy and integrate.

I will only say in this post about the Enneagram that there is much more to it than a personality typing system; in my understanding, this is but one of many enneagrams, the Enneagram of Fixations, and knowledge of that particular area is but a small part of what the Enneagram has to offer the spiritual seeker.

As the phrase goes, when it comes to the Enneagram, “don’t get me started!”, because I can literally talk nonstop for hours about it and not even scratch the surface of my knowledge and expertise. I have a lot to offer, especially to those serious students of this work, and will be writing more about it as time goes on. In the meantime, I hope you find what I post here to be of value and interest to you.

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4 Responses to “Enneagram confessions”

  1. Hello Amrita,
    I too am an ardent student of this ancient tool, the “Enneagram,” and agree that it is quite a useful tool for spiritual growth and transformation.
    I was on the big Island last month and thought of you, and would go back in a heart beat to co-create when so moved by spirit, so keep me posted. Congrats on your blog. I too have blog: http://www.colorcoach.org. Check it out.
    much love,
    Gregory LeBaron

  2. Amrita says:

    Thank you Gregory!
    I thought of you when I started this category of posts; I have a lot to say about the Enneagram and it’s good to know I have an audience of at least one! I look forward to any comments you may have as I say what I have to say.
    Cool blog! I like the picture of your Dad and you especially.

  3. Gregory says:

    Hello Amrita.
    I spent some time reading your blog this morning.
    As a fellow blogger I appreciate the time that goes into making it what it is… nice job. Would you please change or note the change to the name of my blog: http://www.transformationalcolor.com. It is kinda long but so be it. I’m glad to hear about your adventures and that you are staying in touch. What you are learning from being in Pele’s lap is inspirational and sounds valuable.
    Gregory LeBaron.

  4. Amrita says:

    Thank you Gregory! I can personally recommend Gregory’s work and offerings. Check out his blog!

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