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This post is about the vision and intent I share with Carl Wilson for our jointly owned property in Hawaii. We call it ‘Three Squared’ (see Hawaii project #1 post).

For Carl, 3 Squared is a place to retire and grow food – his passion. He intends it to be a place for his children to go if and when they might need or want that. He also intends to feed more than himself from the food he is growing. For me, this is a place of retreat, of spiritual refuge. As I have always been moved to share my personal space with others as a place of spiritual refuge, I have from the beginning spoken of this land in Hawaii as a ‘retreat center for me and my friends’. It is intended as a private, not a public, place for people I know and love to be supported in coming to Hawaii without having to spend beyond their means on housing and transportation due to a lack of options.

Carl and I both intend for 3 Squared to be used as a sanctuary for others, to provide means for others to stay and do meditation, or live simply, in exchange for contributions. We intend such exchanges to happily benefit all parties.

From the very first time we saw the land, the presence of Pele and Her influence have been palpable to both myself and Carl. She has been honored and the land consecrated to Her at every step in our construction process. It is astounding to me that the people of Hawaii acknowledge the existence of Pele as Goddess of the Volcano as a matter fact in daily life, including people otherwise dedicated to such orthodox religious practices as Christianity and Judaism! Pele touches people here in very real ways, and everything She touches, changes, indeed!

There is/will be a Temple of the Goddess on my piece of the land, dedicated to Pele. She is, as always in my world, in charge of the unfolding and the timing of this Hawaii project.

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