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I began channeling Auralia about a year ago when ExtraTerrestrial Shamanism was born, after 20 years of channeling Amaritha. As Amaritha speaks and exemplifies the AllThatIs and the Universal, Unconditional Love that is the very fabric of this Universe, so Auralia speaks and exemplifies the HereAndNow and the Sweetness of the Union with that Universal, Unconditional Love.

In the physical Universe that Amaritha is from, a Universe that is triune in nature as our human Universe is polar in nature, there are three genders (not male and female and one other, but three that can create that new life together). I have long been mystified as to their true nature.

When ET Shamanism came into being, the foundation of it and the most understandable (so far) expression of the three genders also came thru: Activate, Attune, and Actualize. More about those and what they mean in a different post later on. Suffice it to say now that Amaritha is of the activating gender, the spark of initiation and inspiration, Auralia is of the second gender, the unifying principal and enlivener, and then, I wondered – who would be the one of the third gender? I had the thought, it should be another ‘A’ name.

In my notes, I filled in the space with my Priestess name, Aphrodesia, just until that entity came to me – or so i thought! At some point soon after that (a few weeks), I was shown clearly that I am (and therefore have always been) of the third gender, the actualizer and one who brings into form. As conscious channel for these two amazing and wonderful Ones, I am in partnership with them to bring onto this physical plane the co-creation of Love loving itSelf three times three!

This triune partnership has ExtraTerrestrial Shamanism to offer – a series of simple yet powerful initiations (12 in all, one for each strand of the Awakened DNA) that build, one upon the next, integrating at each step, to a new Evolutionary awareness. I am very excited and happy to be able to bring this Mystery School into existence!

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2 Responses to “Introducing Auralia – our new channeled entity”

  1. Sheena Water Woman says:

    This sounds so unusual and intriguing. Thank-you for your openness and effort to show us different ways of becoming aware, being, and relating. Love loving itself ……..what a great concept! I’ll be watching for more information.

  2. Amrita says:

    Dear Sheena Water Woman -

    Thank you for your comment. Your openness to new ideas and to your awakening experience of the Love that you are that is loving itself is the gateway through which your consciousness is unfolding. It is a joy to witness.

    Check out the new post – it’s a message from Amaritha on remembering the Love.

    Amrita, Amaritha and Auralia

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