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On Being Reborn

As this country is entering a new paradigm of change in government, and optimism is arising where there has been despair, I am experiencing a similar paradigm shift in my own consciousness. I can’t help but think that this is not just my own experience, but one that is shared by many of us at this time.

What I think, how I think, the choices I make out of how I feel and what I sense, all are changing to meet the new reality as it is unfolding now. Today I am feeling like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, with wings that are still drying; I now have wings but cannot yet fly.

I share here with you the results of an oracular reading I did for myself some hours ago; may it serve you also in your own transformative process.

Indications are that being open to the unknown will allow my deeper knowing to emerge, that conscious death and regeneration is the foundation of my current process, that what supports my transformation is enlightened communication and illumination of the truth, that the wisdom of my expression comes through forgiveness, understanding and the reconciliation of opposites (the old paradigm with the new), that the spiritual essence of my current experience is one of letting go of and surrendering my old ways of being. The underlying, supportive energy is one of birthing myself into the new paradigm, fulfilling my sacred life purpose from a new place of wholeness.

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