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The Mystery School of ExtraTerrestrial Shamanism is the co-creation of myself, Amaritha and Auralia. These two extra-terrestrial entities from another physical universe have much to share with us as Beings, as humans, and as co-creators. The 12 shamanic journeys that are the heart of this Mystery School are transformative, and they inform our bodies, minds and souls on that which we need to know in order to evolve, learn and grow in our world as it is now, and now, and now – moment by moment by moment.

In the unfolding of Time, the experience of integrating these journeys is that of profound insight, empowerment in shifting our paradigms of beliefs, emotions and physical reality, and illumination of our deepest nature as beings. I am speaking from my personal experience of what is happening within me and in my personal physical universe at this time.

I am powerfully motivated to bring these journeys to the world, as an offering of assistance and empowerment in these turbulent, uncertain times. Each day, I am profoundly aware of the support and ease that these journeys provide me in attempting to meet my personal and spiritual challenges in life. I am also aware that, as these journeys live within me as an aspect of the new paradigm being ushered in, one of my challenges is to embrace the new while honoring the old in release. A shift in paradigm does not mean the old is wrong, only that its time is passing; nor does it mean that the new should already be, only that its time has come.

I am working on the co-creation of the vehicles most suited to bringing these journeys to you, to the world, to those who are called to explore and open to the Mystery of the Self. There is much more to follow on the unfolding of this endeavor.

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One Response to “What is ExtraTerrestrial Shamanism?”

  1. Socorro Diaz says:

    Dear Amrita,
    I want to thank you for connecting me to Auralia and Amaritha. Since my session with you on the shamanic journey, I feel Auralia’s presence around me. It is as if you brought us back together, I believe she is my other self from where I came from. When you took me on the shamanic journey to visit my place of origin I didn’t recognized her when I met with her, but through the weeks since that session and after the group session I see her, i see she is the one. She is one of my guides and protectors, she is my gentle, loving, compassionate counterpart. and I can also say that this is what you,Amrita came to show me, my reflection of my loving self in you, the love of the Divine Mother that you embody, but also the other aspects of myself that i experienced in our session, my sensuality and sexuality, and my new view and understanding that I can be all, the loving compassionate mother, and to be sensual and sexual woman is not a conflict with the loving mother aspect, that they do co-exists in harmony. You also showed me my strength and courage. The fears are always going to be part of my human experience and you reminded me that I can be ok with them, to be at peace with my human self. My emotions are part of my humanity and now I can embrace them, bless them and let go of them when I make peace with them.
    I thank you again with all my heart for the gift you gave me.

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