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When I open to the abundance of the Universe and allow the satisfaction of fulfillment, I often notice something arising that moves within me in one of two directions; toward gratitude or toward guilt.

Gratitude allows me to express in an ancient form called prayer; gratitude to the Universe, expressing Love of the Divine, which in turn allows a continuance of that flow of abundance. I give my gratitude to the Universe in exchange for that which flows to me, the gratitude is an opening to the abundance of the Universe, there is more abundance flowing to me, I express my gratitude; it is an endless cycle that we tap into by choosing to have our attention on our gratitude for that which flows to us.

Guilt arising out of being gifted is, to me now, an opportunity to notice myself limiting the input from the Universe, and a reminder to notice gratitude as an alternative choice. Nurturing guilt once it arises gives energy and form to a sense of undeservingness, which I believe is a distortion of reality, learned from old patterns of reaction to bad treatment. Forgiveness in response to guilt can be healing, I have found, whether it is forgiveness of oneself or of another.

Expressing my gratitude, noticing that which I am truly grateful for, offering that up to that which is the Divine to me, is one of the most gratifying experiences of my life currently. I am truly grateful!

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2 Responses to “Gratitude or Guilt? It is our choice.”

  1. Shaphir says:

    Very nicely put, I will give it a try, thank you

  2. Amrita says:

    Thank you sweet Sister!
    with love,

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