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Today, Here and Now

Today is the day; the moment is the Now.  Every moment Here is the opportunity to experience the Now.  In between the moments is the not-here, the Now outside of Time and Space.  To touch the moment is to be happy here; to touch the between-the-moments is to Know.  There is joy in the here and now; to Know is to Be.

In between the moments, in between the here and now, in between the human experience of joy and ecstasy, is what I call the Ecstasy-That-Is-Not-Ecstasy, the Bliss-That-Is-Not-Bliss.  It is so far beyond words or expression that to attempt to define or express it changes it.  And yet…

There is value in attempting to express the inexpressible.  Somehow the words and the speaking or writing of them creates a vehicle for transmitting my Truth to another.  In receiving the communication of another’s Knowing, we are effected in our own Knowing.  In making that communication, my own Knowing is more apparent to me in the Here and Now.

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