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In the New Paradigm of the Fifth Dimension, witnessing ourselves as the I AM, witnessing others as One with ourSelves and witnessing the New Universe as coming into Being in each moment, is to be fully engaged in that New Universe. Detachment is a 3-D concept, required as a step toward full awareness of the Oneness that We Are; to be aware of the Oneness is to be aware of the Self. To be aware of the Self is to be aware of the Oneness, in the New Paradigm. There is distinction, without separation. In Fifth Dimensional existence, witnessing is loving, participating, engaging and being aware of all that is coming into being, including our own consciousness.

The process of awakening from 3-D consciousness to Fifth Dimensional experiencing involves separation. We separate ourselves from our experience, from others, from the Divine, so that we may come into Union with AllThatIs consciously. Once that Union takes place, in the Awakening, the experience of separation is no longer necessary to know the Self. Union is a continuous unfolding, an integral part of knowing, of being, of Presence. In each moment, we know ourselves and all others as Divine Love.

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