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In the Awakening process, the process of ascension, integration of the new paradigm we are living and being from is like a constant shamanic journey. Remarkable, inexplicable, uncontrollable, prolonged ecstatic bouts of pure awareness occur, while ‘all that is’ integrates with ‘all that has been’ and ‘ever shall be’. Through all time and space, all that I AM is the I AM. Meanwhile, bills get paid, relationships and necessary tasks are attended to, from and in an extraordinary experience of life being lived through this One that I am, the I that is We, the universal awareness of the Love that we all are. Such is my current experience in this moment; another release of three dimensional, hierarchic, power-as-domination paradigm to the direct knowing of Love as the true power – and oneSelf as that Love.

i sit in Starbucks, enjoying the espresso drink and the presence of other humans, enjoying the electrical and internet connection for my laptop, and very grateful for the view of Hilo, Hawaii out the window.

Life unfolds, doing its thing, in accordance with the intentions I hold in my consciousness as this One, and i sure am enjoyin’ the ride! i am an active participant in the great Mystery that is my and our existence, moment by moment by moment, now and now and now. Most Wonderful!

In the ascension, in becoming that which i/you/we truly are, we are all attuning to each other as Beings, dropping the attachment to the personal connections, which only reflect our truth anyway!!! I LOL (for those you not text-literate, LOL means Laughed Out Loud) at this thought!

This time and the experience of so many others of awakening and preparing for and finally being able to do something for which they have been long preparing in regards to the 2012 phenomena is much like other portals of opportunity: the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the 11:11, the recent Cosmic Convergence, and many other portals and stargate openings over the years.

I am aware of being very alive and present for this shift in consciousness that is occurring and unfolding now. Such an exciting and tumultuous time this is! At the moment, Life is being lived through and as Love.

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