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Living In The Void

For more than twenty years now, my life has been increasingly about letting go into a void of not knowing, and trusting in something greater than myself.  For many years prior, it was about learning how I was to go about doing that, in the guise of learning about myself; myself was, after all, the most interesting thing going by far!

In 1987, a year during which many happenings changed my consciousness forever, I began channeling Amaritha, an extraterrestrial being of pure Love, Joy and Humor.  As Amaritha would say, I became aware of and began to actualize as the multi-dimensional being that I was (and am).

To be mySelf, to continually evolve spiritually, to act and think and feel and be from the nameless non-dualistic Self I Know mySelf to be/not-be, requires that I surrender to Truth.  To embrace the actuality of what is so, to act as if things are the way they are, to be present in the Now, takes letting go of ideas, feelings and ways of being that are core to our identity.  The reward is a satisfactory life, one lived as one’s best self.

For me, on a personal level, a satisfactory life is one lived in personal integrity and with an abundance of Love.  An awareness of the flow of ecstatic energy that is called Life Force, Nature, Kundalini, Divine Love, Shakti, and any number of other names, has been my lot in life for many, many years.

In between bouts of ecstatic energy flow, great suffering has also taken place, as those who have lived in intimacy with me are aware.  Surrender has been the only approach to suffering that has worked for me.  By surrender I do not mean wallowing in or staying stuck in the suffering; I mean to accept the fact of it as my current experience, to not try to deny it, distract myself from it or force it to change.  This has been my personal path of Awakening; on it I live in the Void, every day.

My suffering has lessened significantly; my interest is more oriented to others; the ecstatic flow is much more available.  Life for me is a joy and a challenge and a great mystery; I literally do not know what will be happening in the very near future, not even where I will be on the planet.  And most wonderfully of all, I love myself more and in ways I never even imagined!  I experience a lot of gratitude.

That I can serve the Awakening of others through my personal path through allowing the ecstatic flow of Love to pour through me, which occurs especially in my channeling as well as the other offerings I have for you Awakening Ones, is a source of great joy to me.  That I have a personal experience of that flow in my life, is a precious gift indeed.  It is a gift I have given to myself, through diligent practice of surrendering to living in the Void.

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