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I believe that we are evolving; I believe that I am evolving. Humanity is evolving, on every level. Some of us are conscious of the radical transformations taking place within, others are aware of radical changes in the world, and many have no idea about it at all.

I love chaos; I love order. These two seemingly contradictory statements are not in conflict for me. I love lots of things that seem very different, even opposite. There was a time when I did consider these aspects of my experience to be contradictory, even conflictual; that I no longer experience apparent opposites as a source of angst and inner turmoil is one of the many indicators I have of my evolution as a human being.

Abiding in chaos as a natural state seems to lead quite naturally to a natural order; abiding in the natural order of things, that which I call Divine order, seems to lead quite naturally to an awareness of the chaotic. The dance itself seems quite natural to me, now. It occurs to me that I have been practicing this dance for a long time and now it is arising spontaneously and naturally.

The dance of chaos and order, the constant movement of life in the universe, and divine union all seem one and the same to me.

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