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For a very long time now, many of us have utilized approaches to personal growth that focus on blockages. We ask, what is in the way of my desired goal? We focus on what is keeping us from moving toward that which we are envisioning as possible, and work to dissolve or release that.

At this time, an increased rate of inner growth and a shortening of the time lag between thought and materialization are both demanding that we stop focussing on what is in the way. What we focus on comes into being; what we speak and think about is what determines our experience, both internally and externally. The more we concentrate on blockages, such as fear, the more that becomes our reality.

It is time to stop concentrating on what is in the way, time to stop giving our residual fears and impractical beliefs any more energy or power. By holding our concentration and attention on our movement toward our desired goal, we are aiming at that which is coming into being in the Now.

In archery, the best approach to hitting a target with the arrow is to aim well past it. If the target itself is focussed on, accuracy goes down and the arrow often falls short. When we focus on our blockages, we are aiming at the wrong place! Now is the time to nurture our visions, to give energy and life to the unfolding we are experiencing in moving toward the world’s Awakening.

In making the shift to this new approach, there are questions we can ask ourselves to replace the habitual “what is in the way?”. Where is the movement, internally and externally? What is flowing in the direction of more awareness, greater consciousness? What can I do, think, feel, believe in order to support the love flow between all of us? What is empowering me right now to take action on my co-creations this day? How can I support myself and others in experiencing more love, truth, abundance, service, joy in life?

For me, this blog post is offered as a service to others, as well as a reminder to myself to bring and hold my attention on the unfolding of awakened consciousness taking place in the eternal Now.

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3 Responses to “Time to Aim at What Is, and Not at What Is In The Way”

  1. Wiliam Herbert says:

    Stopped by to tell you I love you !

  2. When you get rid of emotional clutter, you enhance your ability to look out and all around you. If your mind is constantly weighed down by regrets, doubts, and worries, it’s hard to see beyond them to notice and recognize the things that could bring you a better life. All that negative noise in your head can keep you from being in touch with your inner self, and it prevents you from moving toward inner peace.

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