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On Being Reborn

Once again I find myself being reborn, out of my practices and my willingness to experience whatever arises within me and without me as mine. One exquisite paradox of the path of surrender is that in practicing non-doership, not taking credit or blame for what one does, a more profound level of responsibility for one’s choices and actions arises naturally.

I am open to whatever may come my way as that which is Divine Love. As All-That-Is is Divine Love, all that comes my way is that. Of course, I don’t always know that in the midst of life! This rebirth I am experiencing now (as in this very moment) is one of embracing what occurs in the midst of life as Love.

This rebirthing process has been one of sensitivity and irritation, a feeling of rawness pretty much everywhere. Currently there is a sense of great vulnerability, an emerging as some new form into some new universe. I am birthing mySelf in the Now. Life as the One that I am is beginning now.

The enormous gratitude welling up in me for all that is, was, and ever shall be is held comfortably in the palm of my heart’s hand. As I breathe through my heart (one of my practices), this gratitude and my awareness of it grows. Love springs eternally from the divine fount of Being in the Now.

I write these words to transmit the experience behind them to those who are resonating with that experience. In our resonance, the knowing of the New Universe as reality grows. Thank you for your time and attention to this post to my blog.

Amrita Joy Ananda Ma

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