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Spiritual Intimacy

Intimacy is something we all need as human beings. There are many kinds of intimacy, and the one that fulfills me is spiritual intimacy. What that means to me is that we relate with each other from our essence, communing heart-to-heart. This doesn’t mean that our ego and our personality are ignored or denied, rather that all aspects of our being are honored and acknowledged; we bring our whole selves to our interactions.

Spiritual intimacy requires us to show up fully, in the moment, moment by moment, speaking our truth with compassion and kindness. It challenges us to be open to the other as they are showing up in the moment of now. We are already connected, whether we are aware of it or not, and when we relate in the field of that connection, spiritual intimacy occurs.

Intimacy includes a sense of belonging together; when we relate from our experience of interconnectedness, we have an awareness that we already in a state of oneness, that we are already together and that we belong there.

Another challenge of spiritual intimacy is the willingness to be vulnerable, both in how we share ourselves and in how we receive the other’s sharing of themselves. Vulnerability is an inherent quality of being; we cannot not be vulnerable. To meet in spiritual intimacy is an acknowledgment of that vulnerability.

As awakening ones, we have a growing awareness of our essence, of our nature as Love itself, and of our multidimensionality. Relating and sharing ourselves as multidimensional beings is ultimately fulfilling; we show up as we actually are. It is nourishing to the soul.

When we share ourselves as multidimensional beings, showing up as all that we are, it is an offering of our whole selves to the relationship. Each interaction is an opportunity to express our truth, be vulnerable, and share unconditional love. The more we do this, the more we are empowered to live from the truth of our being. To live from the truth of my being and to relate with others doing the same is ultimately satisfying.

I invite you to join me in spiritual intimacy.

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One Response to “Spiritual Intimacy”

  1. Ilda Grau says:

    Amrita, i m in! Loved this. I find i resonate more with the idea and practice of spiritual intimacy much mora tan with plain physical intimacy. Thanks for this! <3 blessings

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