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Living In Grace – Program for Awakening Ones

“The Living In Grace journeys are fantastic. I would recommend them to others opening up to find themselves. This is a tremendous way of doing that – to be the best you, you can be!

Above all, I am dedicated to being fully committed to who I am and who the Creator wants me to be. I have been on my own spiritual journey for over ten years now. The Living In Grace course has enhanced this soul’s adventure, zest, and joy for life. The meditation tools can and do greatly assist the works you are already doing, assisting you in becoming the best version of you imaginable.

The course is a great complement to the work I have begun on my own, and confirmation that it is enhancing not only my life but also that of those around me and of Gaia.

I think the most shattering change I have experienced since taking the course was the shattering of my judgments into compassion and understanding. Try as I might I could not move past that major block on my own. It was as if I was carving away at a monument with a spoon when I really needed a digger to move away the dirt and debris so I could see the whole picture instead of half of it.

“Look for the love where you can’t see it. In all things.”

For me that single tool opened up my eyes for greater expansion of my awareness. One of my totem animals is a condor, who, through meditation, shared that I was not drowning in a flood but was merely stuck in a puddle. My hatred of humanity, including myself, for all the pain, destruction, pollution, cruelty, scarcity and anger we’ve created collectively blocked me from seeing the whole truth.

While all those things exist, there is also so much abundance, beauty, joys, peace, and love – like unopened Christmas gifts waiting to be discovered. The how to live with and fix all our self-inflicted human problems is through compassion and understanding. Everything has its purpose and lesson.

Ideas, new possibilities for resolution of animal and human cruelty, even pollution, are flowing into my thoughts on a regular basis now – things I have never thought of before. The sheer desire to work with others to create solutions for all our issues has become ingrained in me now. I am so excited to be alive on this planet at this time. I can attest that there was a time not so distant where that was not the truth.

With all my work and making the commitment to this course, this journey has accelerated my growth. This is invaluable to me. I am excited to see what else comes out of this work for the betterment of me and of Gaia.”

- E. F. W.

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