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Are you an Indigo?

Now in my early sixties, I am discovering things about myself that are rocking my world.  I find myself powerfully drawn to serving the awakening of Indigo Children (grown up now), and in my research on how to know if someone (including oneself) is an Indigo, I am now certain that I am an Indigo; I was an Indigo Child.  I did not understand this about myself until today.

Many seemingly random memories are reconfiguring as I recognize the signs that have been there all along.  One sign is that, given a necklace as a gift in my early twenties, I chose to wear it constantly for many years.  It was an image of Isis, who is associated with the third eye chakra and the color indigo; these are also associated with Indigos.  I now constantly wear another necklace that is a different image of Isis; I do not question my attraction to this, I simply do it.

We Indigos know what we are called to, we often don’t know how to do what we are called to.  As we are generally misunderstood by ‘mainstream’ society, advice and help offered by others frequently does not serve us.  We must find our own way, yet we also must rely on others for assistance as we make our way in the world.

I am uniquely qualified to “teach” Indigos; I understand that one does not impart information or wisdom to Indigos in order to assist them on their unique path of awakening; rather, one inspires their wisdom while sharing information.  I think that the best and only question/test a teacher should give to an Indigo Child is, “Help me understand what you have learned from our time together.”

Indigos are here at this time to bridge the seen world with the unseen; we are aware that there is more than what our physical senses perceive.  I am feeling both humbled and honored to be in the company of the Indigo path and consciousness.

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