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“The Living In Grace program is humble in its title, jam-packed with miracles. This program by Amrita Joy Ananda Ma is a sure game changer. I’m an Indigo, a now grown up Indigo adult with my fair share of awakening moments and remembrances coupled with sheer purpose in my existence and a growing love affair with Gaia.  That doesn’t mean I don’t get stuck, frustrated with the state of the world and literally backed up with all the energy I’m taking on on a daily basis.  Before the Living In Grace Program I just dealt with that part, sometimes I dealt with it well and other times it leaked showing my not-so-best sides.  The Living In Grace Program is like an embodiment of Mother Earth, stepping in and gently guiding me. It mothered the parts of being an Indigo that were rough and raw. There are not many humans that can do this for Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows but Amrita is one of them.  Amrita, Amaritha and Auralia are a triad of spiritual intelligence with clear purpose. By the end of the program so much had shifted for me.

Being an Indigo can be a game of hide and seek out in the world. When I see another Indigo I’m relieved and often feel a sense of “home.” To the rest of the world, still working out the beginning details of an awakening process or perhaps not at all, I am open and present but not seen. Amrita is uniquely qualified in “seeing” awakening ones, holding space for the process and fine-tuning the pieces waiting to integrate into the whole. Do this program and you will be SEEN in loving ways that heal the past of the unseen world. For us Indigos, that alone is a rare and much needed occurrence.

The program is simple and well structured and my experience was that I didn’t have to “do” much for the gentle shifting of the program to happen. By that I mean I didn’t have to open up in a way that was vulnerable or time consuming, the energetic support was just there. It just worked whether I “worked” it or not. I have a Masters Degree in Women’s Spirituality and the Living In Grace program is the only program I’ve done that I can confidently say that about. My 12 weeks in the program went by fast and there were huge parallels between my life and the teachings. I was shifting into the 5th dimension with this program (I had thought I was there but this experience sealed the deal), and the program was great for that. The teachings are gentle, rich in spiritual integrity and universal law. These teachings realigned me on a much higher level than I expected, revealing and reintroducing my true nature. Living In Grace is a program I can now do whenever I want, I can revisit the teachings and do the meditations on my own. I know there is so much more in it to explore with this program and I can access Amrita now for tune-ups and guidance.

This program is priceless, worth all its weight in golden light.  If you are an aware soul who has already done some work, an Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow/Star Seed, an advanced practitioner, an explorer, a muse or any other combination of conscious energy ready to shift to the next place in your path, this program is it. I’m excited you found it and support you in doing it!”

- Oriya Rae

August 2015

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