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Gratitude Practice

For more than ten years I have engaged in a practice of daily gratitude. Every day I notice what I am grateful for. I offer that gratitude to the Divine, and to the collective consciousness of which we are all a part. I do this regardless of my emotional state. When I feel dispirited, grieving, lonely, deep sadness, rage or hopelessness, I still notice what I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my mother; she is still alive and kicking, offering me acceptance and assistance and receiving mine. We share love and food and concern for each other’s health and welfare.

I am grateful for the people in my life, the ones who choose to engage with me and respond to my outreach, the ones who reach out, the ones who do not demand that I be or feel a particular way. I am grateful for those who have an awareness of our eternal connection and honor the love that we share.

I am grateful for those people in the world who are taking action for the benefit of community, those who share their truth openly and do not hold back from shining their light in the midst of darkness. I am grateful for the outspoken ones, the ones with the courage to speak what they know regardless of judgement or criticism from those who are afraid.

I am grateful to my past self, for all the work put into healing, serving, and transforming, that I may now function as a loving, caring human being. I am grateful for the willingness of the one I have been to trust, to persist in the face of tremendous challenges and to act in accordance with my values even when it was the hardest thing I had ever done.

I am grateful for a place to sleep, for availability of food and for all the resources I have access to. I am grateful for those people who have recognized me for what I am, and those who value what I offer them.

This practice has served me time and again. It serves to help me keep a balance mentally and emotionally. It is a daily reminder that there is much to be grateful for, even in the face of witnessing how much suffering there is in the world. This practice inspires me to keep going, keep moving, and continue with my (at times) seemingly impossible calling to make a difference in the world, to increase the love, to support the Awakening of us all.

I do this practice, not as an external discipline that I impose on myself of aspire to, but as an intrinsic habit of thought and feeling and awareness. It is integrated for me, a natural part of my life. I am grateful for my gratitude practice.

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