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Today (9/12/12) we begin our new programs designed for all of you lightworkers, teachers, helpers, bodyworkers, healers, coaches, and empowerers to be supported in living from your ascension into the Fifth Dimensional paradigm. Coaching for Ascension and Awakening is our support system. and a rich source of tools and practices for you to empower yourself in living from your ascension and awakening. What you teach and inspire in others is available for you to live from, all the time, now, and the Triunity of Amrita, Amaritha and Auralia is available for support, guidance, and hosting an inspiring and blissful time!

We are offering three free webinars to choose from; during each webinar, Amrita will talk, and channel Amaritha and Auralia, on what it means to be ascended and awakened, to live from the Fifth Dimensional Paradigm and to live from your enlightenment. We will address symptoms of ascension, and offer some solutions to the challenges you may be facing in your awakening process. The webinars will be 90 minutes long.

Included in each webinar will be a sample coaching session, where the Triunity (Amrita, Amaritha and Auralia) will offer meditations and journeying for illuminating your LightBody and accessing your Truth more readily. You will have an opportunity to identify, or clarify, your next step on your path, and to be more fully empowered in taking it.

Our upcoming Coaching Program will be offered; you will find out how you can be prepared for December 2012 with our weekly sessions!

Do you already know that you, or think you might, want to sign up? There is a significant discount being offered to anyone enrolling BEFORE the webinars begin! Please contact me for details. We are accepting applications for the coaching program now!

We are really looking forward to sharing this with you! Please feel
free to invite your friends, and to share the information with anyone
that might be interested.

Use the contact form to let me know you want to sign up for a webinar; you will receive the information for accessing it when I receive your request.

blessings and love,

Here are the three dates and times:

Title: Free Webinar: Amrita on Ascension and Awakening
Time: Wednesday, September 19th at 2:00pm Pacific
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

Title: Free Webinar: Amrita on Ascension and Awakening
Time: Thursday, September 20th at 7:30pm Pacific
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

Title: Free Webinar: Amrita on Ascension and Awakening
Time: Friday, September 21st at 2:00pm Pacific
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast

On Being Reborn

Once again I find myself being reborn, out of my practices and my willingness to experience whatever arises within me and without me as mine. One exquisite paradox of the path of surrender is that in practicing non-doership, not taking credit or blame for what one does, a more profound level of responsibility for one’s choices and actions arises naturally.

I am open to whatever may come my way as that which is Divine Love. As All-That-Is is Divine Love, all that comes my way is that. Of course, I don’t always know that in the midst of life! This rebirth I am experiencing now (as in this very moment) is one of embracing what occurs in the midst of life as Love.

This rebirthing process has been one of sensitivity and irritation, a feeling of rawness pretty much everywhere. Currently there is a sense of great vulnerability, an emerging as some new form into some new universe. I am birthing mySelf in the Now. Life as the One that I am is beginning now.

The enormous gratitude welling up in me for all that is, was, and ever shall be is held comfortably in the palm of my heart’s hand. As I breathe through my heart (one of my practices), this gratitude and my awareness of it grows. Love springs eternally from the divine fount of Being in the Now.

I write these words to transmit the experience behind them to those who are resonating with that experience. In our resonance, the knowing of the New Universe as reality grows. Thank you for your time and attention to this post to my blog.

Amrita Joy Ananda Ma

For a very long time now, many of us have utilized approaches to personal growth that focus on blockages. We ask, what is in the way of my desired goal? We focus on what is keeping us from moving toward that which we are envisioning as possible, and work to dissolve or release that.

At this time, an increased rate of inner growth and a shortening of the time lag between thought and materialization are both demanding that we stop focussing on what is in the way. What we focus on comes into being; what we speak and think about is what determines our experience, both internally and externally. The more we concentrate on blockages, such as fear, the more that becomes our reality.

It is time to stop concentrating on what is in the way, time to stop giving our residual fears and impractical beliefs any more energy or power. By holding our concentration and attention on our movement toward our desired goal, we are aiming at that which is coming into being in the Now.

In archery, the best approach to hitting a target with the arrow is to aim well past it. If the target itself is focussed on, accuracy goes down and the arrow often falls short. When we focus on our blockages, we are aiming at the wrong place! Now is the time to nurture our visions, to give energy and life to the unfolding we are experiencing in moving toward the world’s Awakening.

In making the shift to this new approach, there are questions we can ask ourselves to replace the habitual “what is in the way?”. Where is the movement, internally and externally? What is flowing in the direction of more awareness, greater consciousness? What can I do, think, feel, believe in order to support the love flow between all of us? What is empowering me right now to take action on my co-creations this day? How can I support myself and others in experiencing more love, truth, abundance, service, joy in life?

For me, this blog post is offered as a service to others, as well as a reminder to myself to bring and hold my attention on the unfolding of awakened consciousness taking place in the eternal Now.

I believe that we are evolving; I believe that I am evolving. Humanity is evolving, on every level. Some of us are conscious of the radical transformations taking place within, others are aware of radical changes in the world, and many have no idea about it at all.

I love chaos; I love order. These two seemingly contradictory statements are not in conflict for me. I love lots of things that seem very different, even opposite. There was a time when I did consider these aspects of my experience to be contradictory, even conflictual; that I no longer experience apparent opposites as a source of angst and inner turmoil is one of the many indicators I have of my evolution as a human being.

Abiding in chaos as a natural state seems to lead quite naturally to a natural order; abiding in the natural order of things, that which I call Divine order, seems to lead quite naturally to an awareness of the chaotic. The dance itself seems quite natural to me, now. It occurs to me that I have been practicing this dance for a long time and now it is arising spontaneously and naturally.

The dance of chaos and order, the constant movement of life in the universe, and divine union all seem one and the same to me.

One of my Facebook friends posted this, and applying it has changed my life for the better. I pass it on because I think it might be of value to my readers. Blessings!


Create a Day You’ll Love to Live

Your mind needs to take a dump, relieve yourself by investing 5 minutes reading an article that has been changing lives. If you would like to be able to create perfectly productive day that is free from guilt and overwhelm, then take a gander :)

***Disclaimer: In this article is an exercise, something you need to try on. I.e. an action you need to take in order to create a new result. So only continue reading this if you are want to increase your personal power and your prosperity. Don’t read and do, if you are comfortable with stagnate procrastination… just go on about your business.

With that said…

A solopreneur can use the following idea and activity to get more done and feel even more empowered.

The only condition is that this solopreneur needs to be willing to hit the fitting room, so to speak, and ‘try something on’.
I’ll prove it to you.

Right now you might be suffering from overfill-yourplateitis… which is a nasty little bug that could be causing you to take on more than you can actually accomplish in a day.

If you are like me then you have probably experienced this, you know what I’m talking about.

But you have no idea that by over filling your plate with too much to do in a day you are being dishonest with yourself. Just think what it would be like if you continued to lie to yourself every day for the rest of this year… what could that create?

You have probably had the experience of getting to the end of the day and having more tasks left then time to complete them. And when you do, you notice those internal thoughts like, “I’m never going to catch up!” OR “I’m such a procrastinator…”

Everyone knows that we are our own worst critic, and in criticizing ourselves we often disempower ourselves. We diminish our ability to be effective and present with our clients, our family, and our world. And what compounded impact do you think that has on the growth of your business? Especially your income?

There is only one solution to this, assume for a moment that we live in a perfect world, that in this world you can create anything you wish. And imagine for a moment in your mind’s eye what the perfect meal could be like. It’s like you are at a buffet and you serve yourself the perfect plate. It has every scrumptious morsel you want, nothing you don’t. It’s something you’re salivating buckets over and cannot wait to devour. And when you do, that meal is perfect in every way. You are present enough to enjoy each bite and the flavor explosion that follows. And the meal is over you feel pleasantly complete, full of energy and totally relaxed.

Think about making use of this next exercise for creating your day and you’ll begin to feel real power. You will begin to create exactly what you want every day and feel more empowered and energized.

And soon you will realize that in order to serve yourself just the right amount each and every day you must record and measure what you are planning to do so that you can give yourself honest feedback. Otherwise you’ve thrown your plate on the ground and are just eating right out of the buffet cart.

Now I can almost hear your mind saying… “Planning?! I’m in the flow of the divine timeline.” And you are in luck! This process I’m about to share with you is the most powerful process for directing your attention and energy wisely, so that you can be free and flowing to create your day in the moment.

Here we go… when you wake up, after your morning rituals. Take a moment to visualize and write (or type) about the day. Answer this question:

Step #1: What do I want to create more than anything else today?

Then in response to the above answer, answer this question:

Step # 2: Why do I want that, what will it give me?

Done? Congratulations, you’ve just written a vision and purpose for the day! How does that feel?

Step #3: What comes next is really simple. Pull up that to-do list you’ve got floating around. (If you don’t have one written out, I suggest you dump all of that information out of your brain pronto! I mean don’t we always feel relief after a good dump? Well… the principals the same here too.)

Ok now you’ve got your to-do list and I bet you ten dollars that this list is for some un-defined amount of time. Meaning that there is more on this list then will probably get done today. It is a list of things that are both urgent and important. And believe me, this is the problem that leads to overfill-yourplateitis.

Step #4: Go back and read you vision for the day, what it is that you want to create more than anything else today. Then read your to-do list and cross off everything that is not in alignment with your vision. Not because it’s a completed task, but because it’s just not going to serve you in creating the perfect day you’ve laid out for yourself.

Keep in mind this exercise should take you no more than 15 minutes (assuming you have a to-do list).

Step #5: Now, if you want to take this to the next level then you can check your work. You can make sure the day you are planning for yourself is actually humanly possible. Go down your list and estimate the amount of time it is going to take to complete each task (if you don’t know, guess!). Be sure to account for your play time, meals, workout, traveling, etc. Add up the amount of hours and see if it is even possible for your waking hours. (Should be less than 16 hours, assuming you are sleeping 8 hours)

Step #6: What good is an exercise if you only do it once… Next you will want to repeat this for 5 consecutive days in a row. Be sure to include everything in your life on your list for the day. Especially those things that give you want you want most, those things you Love to do. Give yourself permission to fill your plate up with just the right amount. So that afterwards you feel energized and powerful, rather than over-filled and lethargic.

Did you find this useful?
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I am my own Beloved

Some time ago I set an intention for self-love. I was opening to falling in love with myself, to experiencing myself as Beloved and Divine as I would a beloved lover. I also intended to become my own best friend, in the way many people say they have a best friend in their partner in life.

Recently, I found myself repeating, as a mantra, the phrase, “I love you.” When I looked for the object of my love, I found that it was myself! I am loving myself now in a way I never have before; with all the juice and sweetness of the devotional love I carry for another. It is surprisingly satisfying!

I recently experienced a healing treatment for an injury, and came away with a profound awareness, now held in my body, of the unwavering perfection of divine love. The steadfastness of that love, and the profound acceptance of everyone as they are, and the absolute ‘rightness’ of each moment are effecting a tremendous healing on a physical level.

Without my long-held belief that such consistency, acceptance and unconditional love were unavailable to me, my body is able to heal from the injury in record time, with far less suffering of discomfort, pain and inconvenience. The treatment I received released the interference of the conscious mind to the body’s natural ability to heal, on an energetic level. I understand that this includes the energy pathways in the brain that direct how we experience.

The power of love, the power of the now moment, the power of our selves; my body has greater access to each of these now, and I am grateful for the healing, the learning and the empowerment.

Our new weekly Internet radio program is going very well; here is a link to the website No Lies Radio:  http://noliesradio.org/

Beginning with today’s show, which will be archived at this link when the show is over: http://noliesradio.org/archives/32395, you can call a phone number during the show, or use Skype to connect, to ask questions on the air. Details are found at that link.

The theme for today’s show is “Messages from Mother Earth”.

Join us every Saturday afternoon at 4pm Pacific time (that’s in California) on No Lies Radio. During the live broadcasts, we will be taking questions, currently between 4:30 and 4:45 pm, and you can ask any question you like.

Blessings and we hope you like the show!

Living In The Void

For more than twenty years now, my life has been increasingly about letting go into a void of not knowing, and trusting in something greater than myself.  For many years prior, it was about learning how I was to go about doing that, in the guise of learning about myself; myself was, after all, the most interesting thing going by far!

In 1987, a year during which many happenings changed my consciousness forever, I began channeling Amaritha, an extraterrestrial being of pure Love, Joy and Humor.  As Amaritha would say, I became aware of and began to actualize as the multi-dimensional being that I was (and am).

To be mySelf, to continually evolve spiritually, to act and think and feel and be from the nameless non-dualistic Self I Know mySelf to be/not-be, requires that I surrender to Truth.  To embrace the actuality of what is so, to act as if things are the way they are, to be present in the Now, takes letting go of ideas, feelings and ways of being that are core to our identity.  The reward is a satisfactory life, one lived as one’s best self.

For me, on a personal level, a satisfactory life is one lived in personal integrity and with an abundance of Love.  An awareness of the flow of ecstatic energy that is called Life Force, Nature, Kundalini, Divine Love, Shakti, and any number of other names, has been my lot in life for many, many years.

In between bouts of ecstatic energy flow, great suffering has also taken place, as those who have lived in intimacy with me are aware.  Surrender has been the only approach to suffering that has worked for me.  By surrender I do not mean wallowing in or staying stuck in the suffering; I mean to accept the fact of it as my current experience, to not try to deny it, distract myself from it or force it to change.  This has been my personal path of Awakening; on it I live in the Void, every day.

My suffering has lessened significantly; my interest is more oriented to others; the ecstatic flow is much more available.  Life for me is a joy and a challenge and a great mystery; I literally do not know what will be happening in the very near future, not even where I will be on the planet.  And most wonderfully of all, I love myself more and in ways I never even imagined!  I experience a lot of gratitude.

That I can serve the Awakening of others through my personal path through allowing the ecstatic flow of Love to pour through me, which occurs especially in my channeling as well as the other offerings I have for you Awakening Ones, is a source of great joy to me.  That I have a personal experience of that flow in my life, is a precious gift indeed.  It is a gift I have given to myself, through diligent practice of surrendering to living in the Void.

The time is at hand for us to recognize the power we have as Beings of Love and Light.  This power includes the ability to access the love of our Divine Mother and the support of our Divine Father from within.  Whether these archetypes are represented as a teacher, a parent, a saint, god, goddess or some other form of ‘otherness’, or they are represented as aspects of our own consciousness, connecting our Selves with the energies and benefits of the Divine Mother and Father are necessary to our healthy existence as  humans.  This pertains to those portions of consciousness that are in 3D reality and to those that are oriented to 5D reality.

In plainer language, it is good for the body, mind and soul to consciously connect with Nature, God/Goddess/AllThatIs, Divine Mother and Father – as often as possible.

Rituals, practices and awarenesses we cultivate are cyclical and/or social ways we can grow in our abilities to access the Divine from within.  Each and every day is an opportunity for us to tap that knowing of Divine Presence, that love and support, and to then share it with each other.

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