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Please contact me if you would like to listen to the recording of the Teleconference call from Sunday, October 10, 2010. It is a wonderful and empowering experience!

On Sunday, October 10, 2010, we will host a free teleconference call at 10am Hawaii time (that’s 1pm California time). Please contact me for the access codes for the call.

October 10, 2010, or 10/10/10, is an important event portal,
and whatever you are “doing” on this Sunday, please be advised that
what you are “being” is going to change! Many of you have been
experiencing radical shifts in consciousness and have noticed many
changes in how you think, feel and are aware of yourself and your
surroundings. Many have reported changes in sleep patterns, and other
physical “symptoms”. We have been preparing on many levels for this
time period, and the portal opening happening this Sunday is an
important and critical event. We can all benefit from noticing how
our lives and our sense of Self is transformed on that day.

We are offering a free Teleconference call this Sunday, at 10am my
(Hawaiian) time, which is 1pm California time. During that call, we
(myself, Amaritha and Auralia) will offer a transmission of Love
Empowerment, along with an activation of the portal, an attunement
with the new energies coming in at the time, and an actualization of
your integration with all that you bring to the Present Now Moment.
The call will last about an hour.

Our transmission for that day will involve the shift of paradigm, and
provide you with an increase in your ability to work with, play with
and integrate the enormous energies and information flooding our
planet at this time. The intensity of these energies will increase
significantly in the next two years, as we prepare for 2012.

Blessings and Love,
Amrita, Amaritha and Auralia

In the Awakening process, the process of ascension, integration of the new paradigm we are living and being from is like a constant shamanic journey. Remarkable, inexplicable, uncontrollable, prolonged ecstatic bouts of pure awareness occur, while ‘all that is’ integrates with ‘all that has been’ and ‘ever shall be’. Through all time and space, all that I AM is the I AM. Meanwhile, bills get paid, relationships and necessary tasks are attended to, from and in an extraordinary experience of life being lived through this One that I am, the I that is We, the universal awareness of the Love that we all are. Such is my current experience in this moment; another release of three dimensional, hierarchic, power-as-domination paradigm to the direct knowing of Love as the true power – and oneSelf as that Love.

i sit in Starbucks, enjoying the espresso drink and the presence of other humans, enjoying the electrical and internet connection for my laptop, and very grateful for the view of Hilo, Hawaii out the window.

Life unfolds, doing its thing, in accordance with the intentions I hold in my consciousness as this One, and i sure am enjoyin’ the ride! i am an active participant in the great Mystery that is my and our existence, moment by moment by moment, now and now and now. Most Wonderful!

In the ascension, in becoming that which i/you/we truly are, we are all attuning to each other as Beings, dropping the attachment to the personal connections, which only reflect our truth anyway!!! I LOL (for those you not text-literate, LOL means Laughed Out Loud) at this thought!

This time and the experience of so many others of awakening and preparing for and finally being able to do something for which they have been long preparing in regards to the 2012 phenomena is much like other portals of opportunity: the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the 11:11, the recent Cosmic Convergence, and many other portals and stargate openings over the years.

I am aware of being very alive and present for this shift in consciousness that is occurring and unfolding now. Such an exciting and tumultuous time this is! At the moment, Life is being lived through and as Love.

We have a new free eBook now available: Amaritha’s Heart-Breath Meditation. This meditation is the way each of the Twelve Journeys from the Mystery School of Extraterrestrial Shamanism begins. It is also a wonderful meditation in and of itself. Please contact me to receive your free eBook!

In the New Paradigm of the Fifth Dimension, witnessing ourselves as the I AM, witnessing others as One with ourSelves and witnessing the New Universe as coming into Being in each moment, is to be fully engaged in that New Universe. Detachment is a 3-D concept, required as a step toward full awareness of the Oneness that We Are; to be aware of the Oneness is to be aware of the Self. To be aware of the Self is to be aware of the Oneness, in the New Paradigm. There is distinction, without separation. In Fifth Dimensional existence, witnessing is loving, participating, engaging and being aware of all that is coming into being, including our own consciousness.

The process of awakening from 3-D consciousness to Fifth Dimensional experiencing involves separation. We separate ourselves from our experience, from others, from the Divine, so that we may come into Union with AllThatIs consciously. Once that Union takes place, in the Awakening, the experience of separation is no longer necessary to know the Self. Union is a continuous unfolding, an integral part of knowing, of being, of Presence. In each moment, we know ourselves and all others as Divine Love.

Photo Album – Amaritha

Check out this photo album of pictures of me channeling Amaritha on our new Facebook Fan Page, Extraterrestrial Shamanism:


The Jewel in the Shadow

Our greatest treasure, our knowing of our true Self, is found deep within that which we have long denied. We identify with our experiences, and those of our experiences that are deemed unacceptable – by ourselves, by others, by society – are hidden by us from our awareness out of shame, fear, resistance and/or pride.

To open to and allow revelation of our essential Self is to open to the darkness that surrounds that Self. The time has come for our shadow self to be illuminated through our intention to know the Truth, so we may find the jewel long hidden within.

What is required to meet the challenge of our own mysteries is our intention to know the Truth of our Self, and our willingness to allow exposure with acceptance of that which has been hidden from that knowing.  When we create sacred space, and honor our own rhythms and timing in the unfolding of the mystery, we can meet and embrace the previously unacceptable, shadow aspects of ourselves.

In that embrace, the jewel of our true nature, the essence of Love, is revealed and can become integral to our sense and experience of our Self.

Today, Here and Now

Today is the day; the moment is the Now.  Every moment Here is the opportunity to experience the Now.  In between the moments is the not-here, the Now outside of Time and Space.  To touch the moment is to be happy here; to touch the between-the-moments is to Know.  There is joy in the here and now; to Know is to Be.

In between the moments, in between the here and now, in between the human experience of joy and ecstasy, is what I call the Ecstasy-That-Is-Not-Ecstasy, the Bliss-That-Is-Not-Bliss.  It is so far beyond words or expression that to attempt to define or express it changes it.  And yet…

There is value in attempting to express the inexpressible.  Somehow the words and the speaking or writing of them creates a vehicle for transmitting my Truth to another.  In receiving the communication of another’s Knowing, we are effected in our own Knowing.  In making that communication, my own Knowing is more apparent to me in the Here and Now.

Heart Energy Sessions

You can experience a personal Heart Energy Session with me in the San Diego area.  This profound and subtle energy work is healing, inspiring and transformational.  The fee for an hour session is a sliding scale from $60-$100 based on your ability to pay.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Please contact me for details or for more information.

Divination Readings

I am offering my unique approach to divination. We begin with a foundational layout, addressing the question you bring to the Oracle with one of seven decks of divination cards (some decks are Tarot, some are unique, such as the Goddess Oracle deck). From what unfolds out of that reading, another spread with another deck is overlayed, revealing deeper levels of personal truth, until most or all of the decks have been used; a mandala of rich meaning is revealed, producing a satisfying resolution for your question.
$100-$200 sliding scale; satisfaction guaranteed.

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