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Update from 10/5/09

Living in Pele’s lap (Pele is the Volcano Goddess, said to live in the Kiluea Caldera in Volcano National Park, just a few miles from my new home) is a real challenge.

It is difficult to explain the challenges of living here.  No matter how simple or luxurious the accommodations, no matter how easy or difficult the path, no matter what the details of living life involve, there is an energy of transformation and deepening to one’s Truth here that is undeniable.  The challenge is to meet oneself in those transformations as they arise – or should I say they flow, like the lava?

The pace of life here, and the pace of ‘getting things done’, is much slower than on the mainland.  Patience is a very necessary virtue for survival here.  “Go with the flow” has a different meaning in Hawaii; the flow is indeed like the lava, not so much like a river.  It can be devastating; it can be underground, hidden; it can be dramatic; it can be slow or fast.  The flow here creates new pathways and new ground.  I am learning to recognize the new in the midst of the transformations.

Changes can come slowly or quickly, take a long time or a short one.  Things can stay the same for a very long time, then suddenly shift with little or no warning.  This is the way of the Island.  There is also a sense of relentlessness; the lava flows no matter what is in the way, no matter what people think or believe.

Aloha from Three Squared

Aloha!  I have moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and am working to create a livable space here for myself.  It has been raining on and off since I got here; some say it is doing so more than usual for this time of year.  The plants seem to like it.  I do remember there being a lot more sun when I was here a year ago at this time.

Things move more slowly here in Hawaii than on the mainland, and progress seems to always take longer than expected.  However, as with anywhere, consistent perseverance yields results, so I am persevering in creating a livable space for myself in my yurt.  So far there is a toilet and shower with a water catchment tank providing the water, and battery power for recharging my iPhone and providing light.

At the moment, I am relying on my neighbor for internet access, potable water and the use of a kitchen, for which I am grateful.

Every day there is improvement, and every day I am able to do something toward that improvement.  And writing this post is one of my accomplishments for today!



The Journey of Origin

You are invited to join us by telephone to experience the First Journey of the Mystery School of Extraterrestrial Shamanism, the Journey of Origin.

The Journey of Origin is offered as a gift at no charge.

Dates & Times soon to be announced.

Included in the Teleclass:

* Introduction to our new extraterrestrial partner, Auralia. Auralia is of the ‘second gender’, as Amaritha is of the ‘first gender’, from the triune universe of Amaritha’s home

* Teachings from Amrita, Amaritha and Auralia to prepare you for the Journey of Origin

* Amaritha’s Heart Breath Meditation

* Journey of Origin, in which you establish a new relationship with your Extraterrestrial Counterpart, to your mutual benefit

If you wish to join us, please use the contact form on this blog, your interest. You will be contacted by email with updates on our schedule.

When I open to the abundance of the Universe and allow the satisfaction of fulfillment, I often notice something arising that moves within me in one of two directions; toward gratitude or toward guilt.

Gratitude allows me to express in an ancient form called prayer; gratitude to the Universe, expressing Love of the Divine, which in turn allows a continuance of that flow of abundance. I give my gratitude to the Universe in exchange for that which flows to me, the gratitude is an opening to the abundance of the Universe, there is more abundance flowing to me, I express my gratitude; it is an endless cycle that we tap into by choosing to have our attention on our gratitude for that which flows to us.

Guilt arising out of being gifted is, to me now, an opportunity to notice myself limiting the input from the Universe, and a reminder to notice gratitude as an alternative choice. Nurturing guilt once it arises gives energy and form to a sense of undeservingness, which I believe is a distortion of reality, learned from old patterns of reaction to bad treatment. Forgiveness in response to guilt can be healing, I have found, whether it is forgiveness of oneself or of another.

Expressing my gratitude, noticing that which I am truly grateful for, offering that up to that which is the Divine to me, is one of the most gratifying experiences of my life currently. I am truly grateful!

Remember the Love

This is a message from Amaritha:

It is for you to remember the Love that you are, that is All That Is. From my point of view as an ExtraTerrestrial-One, each of you is AllThatIs, manifesting as the Human-One you are and are identified with being. All That Is is Love; it is the very stuff of which this Universe is made.

That which flows between you and the ones you love is the Love I am speaking of here. That which arises in you as the Life Force Energy is that same Love of which I speak. It is the building block for the very fabric of this physical Universe.

In each moment, moment by moment, it is for you to notice the Love that is. Your yearning for the love-that-is-not, in your experience, is to have your attention on that which does not exist in this Universe. This is one of many devices by which you as a Human-One do maintain the illusion that you are only this Human-One and not the AllThatIs. It is a form of denial of your very nature, which is Love, and of your mutlidimensionality as a Being.

To awaken from this illusion, to be in what I call ‘Full Conscious Awareness of All Things at All Times’ and which you call the state of Enlightenment, is to have your full attention in each moment on that which Is. And that which Is is the Love of which I speak.

You, as a Being, do co-create your current reality through the focus of your attention. It is as if the Universe responds to where your attention is. Those who fear loss of something, such as love or a beloved or possessions, and focus their attention on how not to lose that thing, are thinking thoughts about the experience of loss and how to avoid that. The Universe says, “This One has attention on the experience of loss. I will provide more of such experiences.” Thus, you have many opportunities to cultivate your opportunities to notice loss.

As you choose, moment by moment, to have your attention on Love, the Universe does provide you with more and more opportunities for experiences of such Love. And so it is for you to look for the Love in all moments, in each experience, in every interaction or situation you find yourself engaged in. As you seek out the Love that is the very fabric of the Universe, the Universe does respond by providing more and more opportunities for experiencing that very Love.

To remember the Love, moment by moment by moment, is to invite that Love to grow in your awareness, moment by moment by moment.

There is much Love from me to you!

Blessings and Love from Amaritha

Winter Solstice 2008

Winter Solstice is the darkest time of the year, here in the Northern Hemisphere. Tonight is the longest night of the year; for thousands of years people have celebrated the return of the light by welcoming the sun at dawn at the Winter Solstice. It is a ritual we know in our very DNA, I believe.

This is the darkest time, a time for going deep within in order to renew our connection with life and to community. At this time of year, I especially enjoy the paradox of deep inner self-awareness and celebrating with family. Going deep within means to me a kind of letting go, and allowing my attention to shift away from the external world and its concerns toward some Divine focus within. There is a kind of resting into it for me, and a dissolving of ‘doingness’ into ‘beingness’, so the focus for me is often Quiet or Silence or even Nothing.

May you tap your deepest resources of renewal and healing as the light returns and the days begin to grow longer again. May you celebrate your connections with life and community.

The Mystery School of ExtraTerrestrial Shamanism is the co-creation of myself, Amaritha and Auralia. These two extra-terrestrial entities from another physical universe have much to share with us as Beings, as humans, and as co-creators. The 12 shamanic journeys that are the heart of this Mystery School are transformative, and they inform our bodies, minds and souls on that which we need to know in order to evolve, learn and grow in our world as it is now, and now, and now – moment by moment by moment.

In the unfolding of Time, the experience of integrating these journeys is that of profound insight, empowerment in shifting our paradigms of beliefs, emotions and physical reality, and illumination of our deepest nature as beings. I am speaking from my personal experience of what is happening within me and in my personal physical universe at this time.

I am powerfully motivated to bring these journeys to the world, as an offering of assistance and empowerment in these turbulent, uncertain times. Each day, I am profoundly aware of the support and ease that these journeys provide me in attempting to meet my personal and spiritual challenges in life. I am also aware that, as these journeys live within me as an aspect of the new paradigm being ushered in, one of my challenges is to embrace the new while honoring the old in release. A shift in paradigm does not mean the old is wrong, only that its time is passing; nor does it mean that the new should already be, only that its time has come.

I am working on the co-creation of the vehicles most suited to bringing these journeys to you, to the world, to those who are called to explore and open to the Mystery of the Self. There is much more to follow on the unfolding of this endeavor.

On Being Reborn

As this country is entering a new paradigm of change in government, and optimism is arising where there has been despair, I am experiencing a similar paradigm shift in my own consciousness. I can’t help but think that this is not just my own experience, but one that is shared by many of us at this time.

What I think, how I think, the choices I make out of how I feel and what I sense, all are changing to meet the new reality as it is unfolding now. Today I am feeling like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, with wings that are still drying; I now have wings but cannot yet fly.

I share here with you the results of an oracular reading I did for myself some hours ago; may it serve you also in your own transformative process.

Indications are that being open to the unknown will allow my deeper knowing to emerge, that conscious death and regeneration is the foundation of my current process, that what supports my transformation is enlightened communication and illumination of the truth, that the wisdom of my expression comes through forgiveness, understanding and the reconciliation of opposites (the old paradigm with the new), that the spiritual essence of my current experience is one of letting go of and surrendering my old ways of being. The underlying, supportive energy is one of birthing myself into the new paradigm, fulfilling my sacred life purpose from a new place of wholeness.

Heart Meditation

To cultivate the healing power of unconditional love, a simple daily practice of meditation on the heart chakra can be surprisingly beneficial. The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest; it is an energy center associated with unconditional love.

To begin a meditation practice, do whatever you need to do to be alone where you can quiet your thoughts and have your attention on what you are meditating on.

Intention is important; if you wish to cultivate more Unconditional Love in your life as a healing presence then you have simply to remind yourself of that intention.

Sit comfortably for a little while – ten minutes to an hour is good – and notice your breath. Your breath continues on whether you notice it or not. Noticing your breath will allow you to have a focus to begin with. Notice your breath moving in and out. As you do this, you can imagine that your breath is moving in and out through your heart chakra. Sit for a while, continuing to notice your breath and imagining it moving in and out through your heart chakra.

Should your attention wander, to thoughts, feelings or sensations in the body, simply bring your attention back to your breath, and its movement through your heart chakra.

Doing this as a meditation on a daily basis for a while will allow you the opportunity to notice the results of it for you. Relaxation has been known to happen, as well as an increase of acceptance of oneself and others.

Unconditional Love is a choice. We are all have the capacity to notice and cultivate Love in ourselves and our relationships. When I choose to hold a focus of attention on my heart chakra, my entire experience of life shifts. Acceptance, forgiveness and healing become real instead of theoretical.

We all have the capacity to heal ourselves from trauma, fear and pain. What that healing looks like, how it manifests, may not fit our ideas and pictures; nevertheless, healing does take place when we open to the infinite Love that resides in our hearts.

When we offer our current human experience to the infinite abounding Love of the Universe, that experience can soften and expand, and can make more room for change, for transformation and for healing.

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