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Happy Autumn Equinox

Today is the day to celebrate the turning of the seasons from Summer into Winter. Day and night are balanced; summer Solstice is the longest day, winter Solstice is the longest night, and the Equinoxes (spring and autumn) are when day and night are the same length of time.

Harvest is abundant at this time of the year (for those of us in the northern hemisphere!) and our bodies and our psyches begin to turn more inward in preparation for winter.

Life in the modern world can distract us from these realities; I find that honoring these days in some way that is personally satisfying is very helpful in my holding awareness of my environment’s impact on my consciousness.

I began channeling Auralia about a year ago when ExtraTerrestrial Shamanism was born, after 20 years of channeling Amaritha. As Amaritha speaks and exemplifies the AllThatIs and the Universal, Unconditional Love that is the very fabric of this Universe, so Auralia speaks and exemplifies the HereAndNow and the Sweetness of the Union with that Universal, Unconditional Love.

In the physical Universe that Amaritha is from, a Universe that is triune in nature as our human Universe is polar in nature, there are three genders (not male and female and one other, but three that can create that new life together). I have long been mystified as to their true nature.

When ET Shamanism came into being, the foundation of it and the most understandable (so far) expression of the three genders also came thru: Activate, Attune, and Actualize. More about those and what they mean in a different post later on. Suffice it to say now that Amaritha is of the activating gender, the spark of initiation and inspiration, Auralia is of the second gender, the unifying principal and enlivener, and then, I wondered – who would be the one of the third gender? I had the thought, it should be another ‘A’ name.

In my notes, I filled in the space with my Priestess name, Aphrodesia, just until that entity came to me – or so i thought! At some point soon after that (a few weeks), I was shown clearly that I am (and therefore have always been) of the third gender, the actualizer and one who brings into form. As conscious channel for these two amazing and wonderful Ones, I am in partnership with them to bring onto this physical plane the co-creation of Love loving itSelf three times three!

This triune partnership has ExtraTerrestrial Shamanism to offer – a series of simple yet powerful initiations (12 in all, one for each strand of the Awakened DNA) that build, one upon the next, integrating at each step, to a new Evolutionary awareness. I am very excited and happy to be able to bring this Mystery School into existence!

The new teachings from Amaritha are coming through in a very exciting way. These new teachings are the heart of our new Mystery School, called ExtraTerrestrial Shamanism. The teachings each include a shamanic journey, which allows for activation, atunement and actualization at each level of initiation. I have experienced all 12 journeys and they are illuminating, empowering and fulfilling, as well as integrating and grounding. I am very pleased that this work will be shared with many as it unfolds. The new Amaritha website www.amaritha.com will present this material and the opportunities available to explore it. In the meantime, please enjoy my blog as I will be writing more as it unfolds.

Enlightenment Intensives have been around a long time – since 1968 I believe – and there is a lot on the internet about them. One of the most comprehensive sites is http://sandoth.com/, which not only talks about what an Enlightenment Intensive (EI) is and lists many EI’s being offered around the world, but also references lots of sites about EI’s as well. Another good link is selffoundation.com. Click on the button for “FAQ … Enlightenment & the Enlightenment Intensive Retreat” for some good explanations of what these EI’s involve.

Each of the originators of these sites are known to me, and I respect their presentations and tend to agree with the approach and perspective that each of them brings to EI’s.

There are a number of books and other materials about EI’s, and a good list of them are at the end of the home page for www.sandoth.com. Included is an excellent video, which can be purchased at selffoundation.com.

If you want to know about EI’s, check these sites out!

Egypt arises

I was in Egypt in April and May of 2007, a bit over a year ago, which had a profound effect on me, my life, and my work. Since then, I have been so engaged in the unfolding of my self, my life and my work that I haven’t had time to do anything with the pictures, keep up contact with those human-ones I met on that journey, or even share much about it with my friends.

Today I sent an email to one of the ones from the group, after more than a year, and got a delighted and delightful response. It was heartening to get that, and I was glad to know the connection was also still alive in the awareness of the other. These connections really can be timeless, I think.

i just tried to upload one of the pictures that I took on the trip, but no go. I will keep trying.

International Village

I am convinced, the more I travel the world, that there already exists a village of sorts, whose members are scattered around the world. In many communities, there are pockets of ‘my people’, individuals who seem familiar, who share a certain framework of values that include such things as the sanctity of life, the right to be oneself, and the intention to do no harm.

This way of perceiving the loose-knit circles of people ever expanding in my life has helped me to find and deeply appreciate the moments of connection with such ones. I am aware of those with whom I have connected, at one time or another, and feel a moment to moment sense of that thru awareness of the International Village (IV) that we are each a part of.

One aspect of this IV concept for me is that it exists outside of time as well as within the time window of our time, here and now.

At this time, thank you for reading this post and my blog. My guess is that we are part of the same IV.

This an introductory post on EI’s (shorthand for Enlightenment Intensives).

The history and development of this powerful approach will be addressed in a future post, with appropriate links to those who have already addressed these quite well.

I am involved with EI’s, as a facilitator and participant, and have been since the 80′s. I will again be offering 3-day EI’s very soon; the call to do so is apparent to me, the timing is not. When my Hawaii project (see the posts on that) is far enough along, I plan to offer EI’s there. Hopefully I can arrange a reasonable rate for airfare for the group. I am currently looking for a venue close to home, in the Sonoma County area.

If you wish to be notified when I am facilitating an EI, soon (see first channeling post) you will be able to go to my website, www.amaritha.com, and subscribe (it’s free). You will be asked for your name and email and any comments, and you can ask to be put on the EI notification list in your message. You can subscribe to that list without getting any other emails from me, if you wish. In the meantime, feel free to contact me from this blog.

Please enjoy this blog and these and future posts on enlightenment. I will be sending out an email announcement when my new website is launched. If you got to this blog without having received an email from me and want to be on my contact list, please do email me from this site about your interest in EI’s.

For those of you who remember me from years ago, I have had 3 names: I was Susan Keller for a large part of my life, became Elena Diana in the 90′s, and now am called Amrita. I prefer Amrita.

Enlightenment is a large part of my daily awareness. I have had many enlightenments, some small, some huge, some in between, some so obvious I was intoxicated and blasting with energy, some so subtle neither I nor the others around me noticed it for a while.

Nothing satisfies like the Truth. Nothing satisfies like the Truth, not sex, not chocolate, not ecstatic dance and ritual, not divine play (all very close seconds in my world). Nothing else will do, once our consciousness tastes of It.

When I say the Truth, I mean Love, God, Self, or whatever the word one puts on this essential knowingness that surpasses all understanding and expression. I sometimes call it the Bliss-that-is-not-bliss, or the Ecstasy-that-is-not-ecstasy. There are no words to convey this, and yet attempting to express it in words is more satisfying than not.

So here goes; this post and the ones that will inevitably follow will be my attempt to express the inexpressible, to transmit the Truth as I am conscious of It and hopefully get it across somewhat. Please feel free to comment, especially with regard to whether you understand what I am saying, whether you get it or not. Any requests for clarification will be sincerely contemplated and responded to.

For me, to be in direct knowing of who and what I am, which is Love Unconditional, Divine Presence, no different from another in that regard, is to progress most satisfactorily in my spiritual unfoldment. I can do this by standing in my truth and speaking it as I know it in the moment, without doing any harm to any other. This is a practice in daily life that I have simply found myself engaged in, by virtue of my awareness of my intention to do no harm.

Enneagram confessions

It is time for me to come out of the closet as a master of the Enneagram. I have been using this ancient and sacred tool as an esoteric aspect of my spiritual unfoldment since 1975. I have been teaching about it secretly to a select few for many years. I gave a workshop 20 years ago that is still viable today, according to one of my students, who also attended that particular workshop.

I will be posting some things here from time to time about the Enneagram. I understand this is not of interest to everybody, in fact probably most folks won’t want to pay attention to it, but that’s the beauty of a blog! With the posts in categories (see list at right) it is easy to ignore the ones that aren’t of interest while easily accessing those that are. I also try to announce the topic of each post at its beginning of the post.

The study of the Enneagram takes years, and much focus on that way of understanding things. For me it is something of an obsession, as it is for me, truly and creatively, a potent and practical tool, not only in its own right, but also as it integrates with other schools of thought and spirituality that I enjoy and integrate.

I will only say in this post about the Enneagram that there is much more to it than a personality typing system; in my understanding, this is but one of many enneagrams, the Enneagram of Fixations, and knowledge of that particular area is but a small part of what the Enneagram has to offer the spiritual seeker.

As the phrase goes, when it comes to the Enneagram, “don’t get me started!”, because I can literally talk nonstop for hours about it and not even scratch the surface of my knowledge and expertise. I have a lot to offer, especially to those serious students of this work, and will be writing more about it as time goes on. In the meantime, I hope you find what I post here to be of value and interest to you.

This post is about the current state of construction on 3 Squared (see the two previous Hawaii project posts).

I recently returned from a trip to Hawaii, during which I had a platform built and a yurt put up on my property. I bought a 24′ yurt from Pacific Yurts – they are at www.yurts.com – which came as a kit. The project took several weeks, due to a number of delays, typical of Hawaii, but it was completed by the time I finally left at the end of July.

While my project was happening, Carl’s land was being cleared and prepared for building. I took a lot of photos of these activities, and I plan to post them on my website when I launch the new version of it (any day now!).

We have a driveway/road going up the middle of the land, and I have a driveway off of that which goes to a cleared space 80′ x 100′. There is now a yurt there, and a water catchment tank will be set up next to it soon.

Carl has been living in Hawaii since October, 2007, and has been staying at a place very near our land for several months. He is looking forward to being able to live on Three Squared. I am still located on the mainland, in Santa Rosa, and will be so as long as my beloved cats are here. Both of them are preparing to leave the planet, dying as they are of old age and disease. They are comfortable and happy for the most part, and I am pledged to care for them thru their lives and their deaths. When they go, I plan to travel to other places, and try being in Hawaii for a while to see what it is like for me to live there.

I may end up living in Sonoma County, California, I may end up living in Hawaii, I may end up somewhere else. I won’t know until I explore it, at least that’s how it seems right now.

In any case, I think I will be able to do a lot of writing in Hawaii, which I am obviously wanting to do!

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