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This post is for those interested in knowing what I am up to in Hawaii.

Early in 2007, I bought a piece of property in Hawaii with a land-partner, Carl Wilson. Together we have three contiguous lots of 3 acres each, a total of 9 acres, located in Fern Forest, a subdivision on the Big Island of Hawaii. The lots are in the form called ‘spaghetti’ lots, so-named because they are very long and thin. Each of our three 3-acre lots (one is mine, one is Carl’s, and one in the middle we own together) is 125 feet wide at the road and 1045 feet long. We call the 9 acres ’3 squared’, as it is 3 lots of 3 acres each.

Three Squared is located off of Highway 11, the road that runs between the Volcanoes National Park and Hilo, just 7 miles from Kilauea, said to be the home of Pele, the Goddess of the Volcano. We are at the extreme end of the subdivision, at the end nearest the town of Volcano, our nearest town.

Our plan is to reconfigure the three lots, still having three lots of three acres each, such that the third, shared, lot consists of a long driveway/road to the back part of the 9 acres and a nearly square piece of land that is very secluded. My three acres would consist of the 3 acres on one side of the driveway and Carl’s 3 acres would be on the other side; we would each have a piece about 180 x 726, and have easement rights to the driveway, giving each of us access to our piece of land.

The shared 3 acres was originally intended to be offered for sale to a partner, or partners, whose vision and intention would be similar to our shared vision and intent for the land (see Hawaii project #2 post). As the land was inaccessible when we purchased it, we had no idea that the back 3 acres contains a cave, a lava tube, that is on the shared, middle spaghetti lot. We are calling that cave, Kali’s Cave, in honor of Pele, who, as Volcano Goddess, is to me the Goddess in the form of the Fire Mother, as Kali Ma is the Fire Mother in the Hindu tradition, as Sekhmet is the Fire Mother in the Egyptian pantheon, and in honor or our friend Kalidas, whose name means ‘Servant of Kali’. Kalidas was the first to discover the entrance to the Cave.

We are both awed by this discovery, and feel that some preservation of the tube is appropriate, as well as access for those visiting the land (again, see Hawaii project #2 post). We are currently exploring possibilities for including that preservation and access in any agreements we make with a partner, or parners.

We are still open, to date, to considering taking a partner or partners should someone come forward wanting to buy that piece of land. I am encouraging anyone interested to contact me about it; the first step for anyone seriously interested should be visiting the land. Also, please read all the posts as they appear here; this blog will be my main vehicle for communicating about this project.

Soon I will be launching my new version of my website, www.amaritha.com, which will have a way to view the photos of the Hawaii project as it develops.

Please feel free to subscribe to this blog so you can be notified by email when i do a new post. You can do so by going to the Contact page on this site.

I am so excited about the development of the new Amaritha website! Any day now, I will be sending out an email to everyone who has ever expressed an interest in my work, the channeling, or my Hawaii project, saying that the new website is up. Click the heart and get a booklet and be signed up for free stuff – sweet! I am so happy to be sharing the pure love and wisdom that flows thru me as Amaritha.

The ideas that are flowing co-creatively from my having my attention on the new site are abundant and juicy. Finally I have a flow of writing and communications for all the others out there who want to know what I have to say, want to think about the things I have to offer as fodder for new beliefs and ways of thinking. Amaritha has taught me so much about how to think and feel and understand differently from how I ‘naturally’ do as a human. Going from linear to global in how I think was a significant shift for me, and for others, when Amaritha would offer that possibility to me.

There are so many things I am grateful for and appreciative of from having a close, personal relationship with an extra-terrestrial. The main thing is not being alone, and being able to access the reminders of Love, peaceful loving Heart, abundant beauty and JOY! whenever I choose to put my attention there.

To be able to share the contact and connection that I have with Amaritha with others is pure joy and delight for me. Amaritha tells everyone I channel for that they can call upon and access that Presence at any time; I am aware of others doing this, have been for 20 years, and still to this very day have much thankfulness in my heart for the awareness and experience of sharing the Love that is Amaritha with those that can truly benefit from such, as A would say!

Welcome visitor!

This is my first blog, and this is my first post.

Not that long ago, blogging did not exist. Now it is an important part of life for a lot of people.

I will be posting my musings, my personal news, and also articles on various interesting topics.

I seem to have a lot to say these days, about a lot of things I have learned over the years. Having lived more than fifty years, so far, much of what I now know is the wisdom that come with life experience. Hopefully that wisdom will be imparted thru this blog.

I hear tell that the Grateful Dead, when playing music for long periods of time, often found a mediocre riff would develop magically into something extraordinary. They called it ‘diving for pearls’. My life seems to be filled with moments of precious and valuable discovery while diving deep.

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